Not Sure Which the Best Time Is to Water Your Garden?

Advice from a Lawn Maintenance Service on When to Water Your Lawn

In addition to thinking about conserving water when performing lawn maintenance service on a lawn, gardeners should consider the health of their lawns. Happily, the needs of lawn health and conserving water do coincide, and the advice on watering is the same for people living in areas that suffer from droughts. As a rule, watering should be deep and not regular, this helps plants establish a good root system. The time of day that people water is also crucial.

The best time of day would be in the morning, before the heat sets in. This reduces the water lost via evaporation and provides water to all the garden to enable it to survive the hot day. Every few days, watering should be done in the morning, and gardeners should try to use a drip irrigation system, such as watering cans or hoses rather sprinklers and other devices that spread water over an entire garden. Some sprinkler systems are not as efficient, and they can create plant damage. As a rule, try to water a garden1 inch of water each week, using precipitation and watering.

Never water a garden in the heat of the sun, because the water does evaporate and does not enter the soil. The aim is to soak the soil, encouraging plants to put down more roots to search for water. A plant with easy access to water will grow a shallow root system and be weak. Plants and lawns used to the stress of less watering will fare better in different weather conditions or should your lawn maintenance service not provide any water.

If applying water in the evening, once the heat has dissipated, ensure to water early, so the leaves will completely dry before nightfall. Fungal infections do gather on leaves that are left wet overnight, and the roots will suffer from being watered late in the evening. Being left moist and cold leads to rot and fungal infestations.

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