Is Your Garden Full of Peaks and Valleys? Part One

Good Tips for Hillside Landscaping

Hillside landscapes can at time be very challenging; however, there are numerous possibilities for an exterior space. Options which reduce homeowners need to mow the lawn, makes having a hill lower in maintenance. Landscaped elements such as bushes, steps, rocks, and terraces all add to the look of a slanted space. These materials will help also stop soil erosion.

Plants, like flowers and shrubs, will offer attractive ground cover for the sloped hillside landscaping. They will reduce also the amount of lawn care that is necessary by removing the need to mow. One challenge when using plants on hillsides is that water runs down the hill, thus making irrigation not so effective. For this reason alone, plants which are drought tolerant and have deep root systems usually work better, especially if they are native to the area. The root system of plants help to keep soil in its place, reducing erosion and locking in moisture.

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