Is Your Garden Full of Peaks and Valleys? Part Two

Tips from Experienced Landscaping Service Professionals

Terraces built on hillsides also help to retain moisture and reduce soil erosion. Retaining walls are an option to make terraces along a slope. If the soil behind the retaining wall is flattened, shrubs and flowers placed there will further enhance hillside landscaping. Always remember to mulch around plants, as this will provide extra moisture retention in the soil.

A rock garden will add more visual appeal to a slope without any added concerns on moisture levels. These rocks could also reduce water as it travels down hill, thus creating less run-off. Flowers that are planted near these rocks will receive the full benefit of water and also dress the rocks up more.

If plants are included, access will be required for maintenance to be done. A set of stairs will make it much easier to water and tend to plants. Big flat rocks are one choice when looking to create a more natural look in addition to the stairs.

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