Want to Help Spruce up Your Neighbourhood?

A Tree Lawn Maintenance Service for Your Needs

A tree lawn is a patch of land which can be located between a side walk and a parallel street. In residential areas, grass is the kind of vegetation usually used. In public places, a tree lawn could include trees, bushes, and flower beds. These areas are usually maintained by a professional who knows how to offer great lawn maintenance service.

Tree lawns beautify a neighbourhood, create a buffer for pedestrians using side walks and cars driving down the street, and provide a natural habitat for the likes of insects, birds and other wildlife. However, they also provide practical purposes, like helping to gather rainwater and reduce water run off. Some regions which have higher than normal water pollution state that the landscaping found with tree lawns produce no run off whatsoever.

In many places in the world, tree lawns are public property and are maintained by the municipality. In many areas of the United States, it is customary for the tree lawn’s neighbouring property owner to maintain it; for instance, by mowing the grass or trimming the bushes. The regulations of this maintenance does vary by each individual municipality.

Some property owners install plants in tree lawns which run next to their property. However, this may not always be allowed with every municipality, so it’s vital the homeowner first checks with their local government before installing any. Power lines, water pipes, and other utilities could be buried around this area, so people who wish to dig the tree lawn need to first speak to their local utility’s representatives to prevent any damage being done.

There are several regional variations for the phrase tree lawn. In some areas on the U.S. West Coast, for instance, it is referred to as a parkway, Australia calls it a nature strip, and Great Britain calls them a shoulder. Other phrases include curb lawn, city grass, buffer, curb lawn, and grass verge.

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