Not Sure How to Re-Seed Your New Lawn?

How to Perform Lawn Care Re-Seeding?

Is your lawn starting to get brown? Then it is high time you performed some quality lawn care by reseeding, this will give you a lusher and healthier lawn. Reseeding will need preparation and planning, however, it will improve your home’s appearance, value and even the relationship with your neighbors. To reseed a lawn, you have to do it at the right time, only choose quality grass seed, and use the appropriate method when reseeding.

You can reseed any time in the year, should it be necessary. The grass requires time to be established before winter, though. Normally, reseeding has to be done weeks before the first frost arrives, and after the heat of summer.

Before reseeding, you must remove all the debris and dead grass from the lawn. Remove any weeds also, by physically pulling them up or with the help of some weed killer. Should you use weed killer, make sure to follow the directions, it should specify how long it will take before you are able to reseed.

Should there be excessive thatch, this is dead grass and roots, you may have to rent a power rake to remove this material. However, should this be too daunting or physical for you, several lawn care firms provide aeration and de-thatching. Most lawn experts advise to do this maintenance to your lawn every couple of years to make sure your lawn has a healthy foundation.

Should your soil be in poor condition, you should add compost or new soil to prepare it better for the new seed. This will depend upon the kind of soil you have, and where you reside. You can speak to your local garden center for advice on the kind of soil you have. With some extreme cases, you may have to totally renovate your lawn, which means killing off your existing lawn, tilling and flattening the area, and reseeding from scratch.

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